Happy New Year

Wishing all visitors  to my Web/occasional blog a Happy New Year

Welcome to my web/blog.

My name is Rosemary J Peel. I am married and have two grown up children and four grandchildren. Family is of paramount importance for my wellbeing. I was also born with an inborn need to express my thoughts on paper (in today's world, via electronic means). I would point out that as my nationality is British, the spellings in this web/blog are UK English.

As a writer of children's fiction I am lucky to have a natural affinity to youngsters; I get them; they get me. This is perhaps because in some ways I have never grown up; nor do I ever want to if it means giving up the sense of curiosity and wonder of childhood years. 

Besides writing, I have several other abiding passions; I dabble spadmodically in painting, preferably with oils, but occasionally with water colours or pastels; I also love to create beauty in a garden. I am both a cat and a dog person, in fact I have a love for animals in general and loath people who willingly hurt them.



As a main stream author and poet, who in later years has taken to indie publishing, this site has been set up with the intention of given form to the wealth of random thoughts and creative ideas, which still flood my mind. Hopefully they may prove of interest to others.

From time to time I intend to try out draft ideas for future works. Feed back from these will I hope help prioritise the mass of outflow. As I am no longer in the first, second, or even third, flush of youth, time is running short and developing creative thoughts into publishable material is a long winded process. Ideas still flow, but unfortunately these days I tend to begin with enthusiasm only to run out of steam along the way. Thus many are laid aside and left unfinished.


I hope that folk will enjoy reading my random thoughts and creative ideas, which I may or may not, eventually develop into something more substantial.